A Legendary Wedding Calls for a Legendary Gift

We love hooking up bachelor parties and groomsmen with the greatest underwear in the Universe.

That's why we offer a 25% discount when you order 6 or more Speakeasy Briefs.

To redeem:

1.       Go to the Speakeasy Briefs store.
2.       Add your briefs to the cart.
3.       At checkout, enter the discount code:  groomsmen


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Pocket curious?  Here are five important occasions when going commando just won’t do:

1. The Bachelor Party. Will you be wearing your Tuesday morning underwear for the biggest party weekend of your life? Didn’t think so. Speakeasy Briefs lets you and your crew party in style, with a secret pocket designed to stash a hip flask.

2. Pictures.  Don't be the millionth guy who matches ties and handkerchiefs with his groomsmen when you can be the legend who matches his groomsmen head to toe? The photo of you and your boys rocking Speakeasy Briefs will put all other groomsmen photos to shame.

3. The Ceremony. Come wedding day, you and your groomsmen should be as comfortable and confident as possible. Made with a luxurious blend of cotton, modal, and spandex, Speakeasy Briefs are super comfortable. And in case there are any last-minute nerves, everyone’s packing liquid courage.

4.  The Reception. Sure you found the love of your life, but what about your groomsmen? With a bevy of single ladies around, having a discreet location to carry protection may come in handy later on.

5. Life After The Big Day. Even after the wedding, you and your groomsmen will enjoy Speakeasys on occasions such as concerts, sporting events, and traveling abroad.