3-pack of Speakeasy Briefs Disposable 6 ounce Plastic Flasks

KEEP YOUR CASH: Say goodbye to $12 drinks at music festivals, sporting events, cruises, concerts, and more.

TOTALLY DISCREET: Designed to fit perfectly into the Speakeasy Briefs secret underwear pocket. These plastic flasks will protect your alcohol from any prying authorities who want to upcharge you for beverages. Flasks Are Non-Metallic & Cannot Be Detected By metal detectors.

REUSABLE: The Speakeasy Briefs Plastic flask is durable, with no transfer of taste or odor. The only after taste you might experience is a glorious taste of freedom.

LEAK PROOF - The Speakeasy Plastic flasks are made of durable, leak proof, and puncture resistant material. No need to worry about leaks with the Speakeasy Briefs Plastic Flask!


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